What is sleep?

Sleep is a reversible decrease in consciousness accompanied by predictable changes in brainwaves and physical activity.  There are four stages of sleep: N1, N2, N3 and REM.

N1 is a light stage of sleep.  N2 is the first true stage of sleep N3 is deep sleep. REM ( Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is the stage of sleep most associated with dreams.  If you want to grow tall, you will need to get your deep sleep.

No one knows exactly why we sleep.  We do know that sleep allows the body to restore and repair a host of body functions that keep us healthy.  Adequate sleep is essential to memory and helps learning new information easier.

Sleep helps consolidates learning. Your first tip for using sleep as a study aid is " go to bed as soon as possible after studying.  Some research such doing so will help you retain what you studied.

If you want to excel in school, add proper sleep to your routine.