Nightshades and Arthritis

I never believed vegetables in the nightshade category could precipitate arthritis.  I do now!

I love fried green tomato sandwiches. So last year I grew  at least 10 types of tomato plants.  I ate fried green tomatoes almost daily.  My pains increased.  "No this couldn't be" I thought. But yes, unfortunately it was true.  I tried frying the tomatoes without cornmeal as well as with and without flour.  None of this made any difference.  Now I occasionally eat a ripe tomato but rarely fried green tomatoes. As much as I love fried green tomatoes, I love being pain-free more.

Nightshades contain alkaloids or Solanaceae.  If you are sensitive to these compounds, nightshades could flare up your arthritis.

Here's a list of some other Night Shades

White potatoes

Egg Plant

Bell Pepper

Hot Pepper