Exercise and arthritis

One of th best things you can add to dietary modications is exercise.   If you have not been exercising, start out slowly.  The goal is to walk on level ground for 45 minutes.

You may need to start by walking for 10 minutes and increase the time by five minutes every other day.  You can also start with a morning 10 minute walk and another 10 minute walk in the late afternoon or early evening.

You might get a bonus! Exercise helps some people sleep better. However, walking too close to bedtime may interupt your sleep. Keep a journal about your sleep and when you are walking.  You'll be able to determine the best time to walk to do three things at once: loose weight, reduce symptoms of arthritis and improve sleep.

Always exercise in appropriate weather, not to hot or cold. Talk with your personal healthcare provider to must sure walking is safe for you.

Some places friendly to walkers include: Parks, shopping malls, schools that have a track open to the public when school is not in session.

Check out the link below to download a free book on exercise and aging.