Traveling with CPAP

Whether it’s the airlines’ extra fees for carry-on luggage or you just want to travel a little lighter, a small portable cpap machine may be the answer.  I am most familiar with the Transcend model.  This machine is small enough to fit in the typical woman’s shoulder bag.  However, it is small and easy to travel with only if you do not need the humidifier.

Transcend mini auto cpap machine without humidifier

Transcend mini auto cpap machine without humidifier

Some years ago Sleep Specialist did not routinely prescribe humidification.  Because most people find therapy more comfortable with humidification, adding a humidifier has become routine.   Before you travel, try using your cpap machine without the humidifier.  If you need to add the humidifier to the Transcend, traveling with the Transcend is about the same as traveling with a Resmed or Dreamstation.

An even smaller machine is the Z1 cpap by HDM.  Advertised as the world’s smallest cpap machine, the Z1 is 10 ounces and 6.5 inches long.  I have not prescribed this machine because of limitations in downloading compliance data required by most of my patients’ insurance companies. The reviews of the Z1 machine are mixed.  Most people love the size and ease of travel but many complain that the machine is too loud. This may have been corrected by the manufacturer.  Contact a suppler for details.

When you travel with your machine, make sure your machine will work in the outlets at your destination.  Some newer models do not require a converter, another travel convenience.  Create a cpap travel check list or use the one below.  Check off all your supplies before you leave and when you are packing to return home.  The power cord is one piece of the equipment many people forget to pack.

 If you forget to bring home the power cord, don’t panic.  Call your supplier.  A new power cord may be purchased, sometimes for a very small fee.

Check List

Water Chamber
Power cord ( this may be in two parts)
Travel bag