Traveling with CPAP

Whether it’s the airlines’ extra fees for carry-on luggage or you just want to travel a little lighter, a small portable cpap machine may be the answer.  I am most familiar with the Transcend model.  This machine is small enough to fit in the typical woman’s shoulder bag.  However, it is small and easy to travel with only if you do not need the humidifier.  

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Mask warranty

If you have a mask and the mask is not comfortable for any reason, contact the company that supplied the mask.  Most masks have a warranty.  In some cases you have 30 days to return the mask and get a new one.  If you do not contact the company during the warranty period you may have to buy a new mask at your own expense or suffer through the insurance company's time frame for replacement of supplies.  When you get your mask, ask about the warranty.  For example, what the warranty covers, how long the warranty last and what the warranty requires of you.  Read more tips for CPAPersOrder "How to love your cpap machine: secrets from a sleep specialist .

Northside Vibes

I'm working on my column for Northside Vibes Newspaper.  I decided to write about masks used for positive airway pressure therapy, one of the most common reasons people stop using CPAP.

There are different types of masks.  The most frequently used masks are full face masks, nasal masks and nasal pillows.  A full face mask covers the nose and mouth.  Nasal masks cover just the nostrils.  Nasal pillows are small rubber tubes that fit inside the nostrils.  

One of the first steps to successfully using CPAP is getting the right mask with the correct fit. Hope you enjoy the column. Read my "secrets" at