• Too busy to go into the doctor's office?

  • No insurance or high deductible?

  • You want to buy your own equipment but you need a doctor's order?

You can visit with Dr. Hamilton-Stubbs via our secure Tele-SleepMedicine service.

To schedule a virtual appointment, submit an online request or call our office: 804-273-9900.  Access the form by selecting the "contact" tab at the top of this page.


Evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders in children and adults

Sleep apnea, Narcolepsy, Restless legs (Willis Ekbom Disease), Insomnia, Insomnia associated with autism, Infant and toddler sleep problems, Shift work disorder.

Nearly 80% of children with autism have problems with sleeps.  We strive to help each child reach his/her maximum sleep potential.

Dr. Hamilton-Stubbs is an internationally known expert in the evaluation and treatment of Willis Ekbom Disease formerly known as Restless Legs Syndrome.

Dr. Hamilton-Stubbs is trained to evaluate all sleep disorders in children and adults.

a Helping hand for patients with high deductibles or no insurance

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We have direct relationships with major manufacturers who give us deep discounts.  We past those discounts on to you.  Save on your cpap machine or apap machine.  We can also help you get new masks, tubing, cords, water chambers and humidifiers. With these low prices, we cannot accept insurance and offers are only available to our patients,.


Are you having difficulty meeting insurance CPAP or BiPAP compliance?  We offer intensive guidance in CPAP / BiPAP success. With our assistance, most patients successfully achieve  the mandatory CPAP/BIPAP compliance requirements and start getting insurance coverage again.


Found a great deal on a CPAP/BIPAP machine and need someone to help you set-up your machine?  Call us for a set-up and training appointment. Make an appointment and tell you the details of your purchase.  Then bring your equipment to us and instructions on how to use the machine and clean it.  Based on your prescription, Dr. Hamilton-Stubbs will set the machine to deliver the prescribed pressure needed to help you sleep better.

save on you Travel CPAP or APAP machine

We offer the Transcend travel machine at discount prices. For details call 804-273-9900

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SoClean machine

We pass our discounts on to our patients. For details call 804-273-9900

We pass our discounts on to our patients. For details call 804-273-9900


Lose weight and throw away your CPAP machine. Nearly 75% of people with obstructive sleep apnea are above their ideal body weight.  We'll help you get started on a weight loss journey that doesn't involve starving yourself or eating a bunch of tasteless foods. 


          Come learn how to read what is in your food.  A healthy diet starts with understanding how to read food labels.


         Tips on making your dollars stretch.

     3.  FOOD AND YOU

          Learn about proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fiber


         What exactly is a serving size?

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